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Student/School Communication

PRSD Gmail

Students are encouraged to check their PRSD Gmail accounts regularly while school is in session.  Student inboxes will contain important messages from the school, event and meeting invitations, Google Classroom updates and more.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is used by teachers to share lessons, materials, assignments and announcements with students.  Teachers can monitor student copies of assignments and may use their Google Classroom to share feedback and offer another method of communication with their students.  

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Powerschool for Students

About Powerschool

Powerschool is a secure web-based student management system that allows students to monitor progress in their classes.  It is also used for monitoring attendance. 

Parents and legal guardians are also able to access to Powerschool utilizing a username and password provided by the school office.

How to Access Powerschool

Powerschool accounts are automatically created when students are registered in Peace River School Division.  Students will log in using their PRSD email and password.

For assistance with Powerschool, please go to the school office.

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About Report Cards

Formal report cards continue to be shared with parents/guardians four times per year.  For a period of time leading up to report cards Powerschool will be unavailable to students and parents/guardians, as teachers will be finalizing report card comments, marks, etc.

The general timeline for the release of report cards are:

  • Term 1 - Mid-November
  • Term 2/Semester 1 - Early February
  • Term 3 - Mid-April
  • Term 4/Semester 2 - End of June

School Events Calendar

Students are encouraged to visit our School Events Calendar regularly.  Information such as special events, hot lunch days, SCOER spirit days, etc. will be shared there.

School Event Calendar