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Parent/School Communication

School Messenger

Our school uses an automated School Messenger system to alert parents and guardians to important topics such as student absences and other important announcements and information that need to be communicated in a timely manner.  This communication may come in the form of a phone call and/or email.

Student Absences

For safety reasons, our School Messenger system automatically sends a message to parents when their child is marked absent for a class IF the parent has not notified the office of the absence in advance.  To avoid receiving messages regarding student absences, please contact the office in advance to have it excused.

Pre-Recorded Messages

School Messenger is also used to inform parents via pre-recorded announcements.  These typically are general information such as school status updates, permission form reminders, event or meeting invitations, etc. 

Communication During an Emergency

During an emergency, we will make every effort to contact parents directly. Depending on the emergency, it may not be possible to send out information until after the incident has ended.  In this case, School Messenger may be part of our school emergency response.

Monitoring Student Achievement via PRSD PowerSchool Parent Portal

About PRSD PowerSchool Parent Portal

Powerschool is a secure web-based student management system that allows parents and legal guardians to monitor their child's progress and attendance in their classes.

How to Access Powerschool

Each September, and as new students enroll, the school office will send parents/guardians information on how to access the PRSD Powerschool Parent Portal.  This information will include a unique username and password.  Parents/guardians may also contact our school office at any time to request their user information.

Powerschool (PRSD)

Do Not Have Internet Access?

Parents and guardians who do not have access to the Internet are welcome to contact the school office at 780-836-3397 to make individual arrangements for student reporting

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent(& Guardian)/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews are held four times per year.  Dates and times will be shared with parents and guardians at the beginning of each school year, with reminders being shared through our website, school social media and automated phone messaging system.  

Contact Us Anytime!

Parents/guardians who have concerns or wish to meet with their child’s teacher or school administrators may request a meeting at any time throughout the year.   Teachers may be reached through the school office at 780-836-3397 or by E-mail via our online Staff Directory.

Report Cards

Report Cards

While parents/guardians are encouraged to regularly check their student's progress through the Powerschool for Students and Parents portal, report cards continue to be shared with parents/guardians four times per year.  Generally, report cards are released:

  • Term 1 - Mid-November
  • Term 2/Semester 1 - First week of February
  • Term 3 - Mid-April
  • Term 4/Semester 2 - End of June

Monthly Digital Mail Out

Each month our school office emails a package to parents that contains important documents and other pertinent information for parents/guardians.  Content may include items such as:

  • Report Cards
  • Permission Forms
  • Raider's Report (School Newsletter)
  • General School Information

School Events Calendar

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit our School Events Calendar regularly.  Information about parent meetings and other school events pertaining to students will be posted here.

School Event Calendar


Social Media

Parents with Facebook are encouraged to follow our page for up-to-date information and announcements from our school.

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Please note: important and time-sensitive announcements will also be posted to our school homepage blog.